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Here to Help

Our community art center is run by AJ Argentina,  who continues to enrich our studio and students' experience.

Our resident artist, Matt Sloan, is a talented artist in atmospheric firing.

Joining them are our eight apprentices that help maintain the routines of the studio and 10 instructors that teach a variety of classes.


Limitless Creative Options

Roswell Clay Collective took root in 1991 as part of the Roswell Visual Arts program, a national award winning program for the arts and humanities.

The Roswell Clay Collective, a booster club works to advance artistic opportunities and serve the creative needs of the surrounding community. 


“We have an assortment of classes from youth to adult, from true beginner to fine artist. Be prepared to learn a lot, meet some really fun and interesting people, and of course, get your hands dirty!”

Allison Comer, hand builder and affectionately called 'The Horse Lady'!

Thank you to the Roswell Women's Club for their support of programming for 2023!

Roswell Clay Collective appreciates the generosity of its loyal patrons and the greater Roswell community! 

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