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Gillian Lilley
Clay Collective Vice President
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I am a passionate artist and educator with a love for clay. I was born in South Africa and growing up along the coastline, I was influenced by nature; the water, the ocean and the ancient forests surrounding it. Clay is my medium, glazes are my palette, and the sheer joy of producing the pictures I carry in my mind is rewarding. I consider each piece “a glimpse” into the wonders of our world.


I have been a ceramics student at Art Center West for nearly a decade now. I have also served on the board of the Roswell Clay Collective for the past three years as both Vice President and head of marketing. In collaboration with the City of Roswell, I have reached out to the community to promote this facility and all it has to offer our Roswell residents. The Collective is the booster club for Art Center West and was formed to raise funds primarily through two large annual “Works in Clay” ceramic shows. All students are given the opportunity to showcase and sell their ceramic pieces. This assists the Collective in raising funds which are used to improve the facility as well the student experience.


My passion for this art goes further for me, I strive to awaken the same passion in others by encouraging them to try. It is truly inspiring to see a beginner grow in ability and passion over the years. I am still growing as an artist and continue to expand my relationship with clay.


Ceramics has opened up many different avenues of expression; hand-building allows me to explore the world of authors, of fantasy, and folklore; while wheel work provides me with the canvas for natures landscapes. 


The possibilities are endless and well worth continuing to explore and grow in. But, I am still only a student of clay. 

My responsibilities as Vice-President include:

  • Assists the President in all areas of his/her duties.

  • Serves as President in the President’s absence or inability to carry out the office. 

  • In the event that the President resigns her/his position before her/his term ends, the Vice-President shall complete the term as President. 

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