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Rose Hicks-Lay

Clay Collective President

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I love being a potter. I am amazed and excited that I can take a lump of clay and spin it into a mug, a bowl, a plate, or a jar…and each one can be completely different. A simple move of my hand, the tilt of my elbow, even the way I breath can make a piece magic. How could you not love that?


At the wheel, I throw functional pottery that can be used in everyday life. Outside of the studio I am a travel advisor, and I am constantly finding inspiration from the places I visit - in the colors, the architecture, and the artistry. World-wide, pottery is an art form, a piece of history, and a functional part of everyday life. When I come across new pieces of ceramics (art, history or otherwise), I wonder about the potter who made those items, about how those items are being used and enjoyed by people the artist never met. I hope to add a small piece of my own to the world. I consider myself a novice, but I am always learning from the many talented instructors, artists and students that surround me at Art Center West.


This is my first year on the Roswell Clay Collective board. I hope to give back to them as much as they have given me. From my first week at Art Center West, three years ago, they welcomed me (an awkward introvert) and made me a part of this wonderful community. I have learned so much from this marvelous group of people. I am truly happy to serve them.

My responsibilities as president include:

  • Presides over all Board meetings and serves as Chair of the Board. 

  • Oversees the execution of the Board approved calendar. 

  • Appoints committee chairs sufficient to carry out the program set out in its annual calendar. 

  • Serves as liaison between the Clay Collective and the Roswell Recreation and Parks Department.

  • Is the sole spokesperson for the Clay Collective in all external communication (or her/his designee).

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