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Wheel 102: Throwing Large

Intermediate students will dig deeper and continue to refine their technical skills on the wheel while exploring personal ideas, thinking innovatively, and receiving helpful advice and evaluation of their work. Weekly demonstrations will highlight diverse techniques on the potter’s wheel as participants expand their vocabulary of forms and surface. Personal focus and aesthetic development will be encouraged through class and individual discussion.


AJ Argentina 


$200 for Roswell Residents, $300 for non-residents

Who it is for? 

Intermediate to advanced potters with a desire to take their skills to the next level in terms of form, surface, and meaning.

What you might make

Improved mugs, larger forms, composite pieces, altered forms


What to expect:

Your instructor will explain varied methods to alter the surface and attach objects to your work. Each class will have a demonstration and students are encouraged to contribute class ideas and share ideas of pottery they would like to create. Your instructor will also spend one-on-one time with each student during every class to evaluate your progress and to help tackle challenges that arise in the building and finishing process. 


What to bring:

A good attitude, an open mind, and the desire to make the best work you can will certainly help! Personal tools and a towel are also a must!

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