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About Us

The Roswell Clay Collective is a volunteer organization composed of students and instructors at Roswell’s Art Center West. Since 1991, we have been committed to growing the community’s interest in the ceramic arts. We believe in sparking creativity through education, exploration and collaboration. We encourage all students, at any level, to develop their unique and diverse artistic interests.  Today, we continue to improve our beloved studio through the purchase of new equipment and materials, sponsoring workshops and gallery shows.



Learn more about our organization and get involved.



See our amazing facility with a blacksmithing shop & wood kiln.



Come join us to play in the clay and enrich your creative energy.

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Go back in time to learn how it all began.



Learn why our members love their experiences at Art Center West.

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We are constantly on the look out for talented new ceramic artists.

Clay Collective Goals

The Clay Collective’s mission is to support the ceramic arts in general and Art Center West in particular through a variety of programs and opportunities that foster artistic development and are accessible to all members of the community. In conjunction with the Roswell Visual Arts Center it assists in maintaining and enhancing the Art Center West studio through the purchase of new equipment and materials and through the support of its workshops and gallery shows.

Did you know?

In October 2003, the Roswell Clay Collective (RCC) was instrumental in turning the Malcolm farmhouse at the Leita Thompson Memorial Park into a modern and extraordinarily well-equipped ceramics studio. The RCC renovated the 7,000 square foot farmhouse, adding two studios, a beautifully designed gallery, two glaze rooms, workshop rooms, and a kiln yard. Today, we continue to improve the cherished studio through the through the purchase of new equipment and materials, sponsoring workshops and gallery shows. Learn more about the history of Art Center West.

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