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AJ Argentina

Program Supervisor and Instructor


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I work within a functional format and am informed by the rich history of ceramics. At its best, my work reflects upon these extensive traditions and adds a new and interesting layer. I strive for my forms to function as utilitarian objects, and equally as sculptural elements. I am interested in composition, surface, and craftsmanship as well as utility, and for the combination of these elements to create a dialogue between maker, user, and object.

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AJ Argentina is a ceramics artist and educator born in Weymouth, Massachusetts and raised in Fayetteville, GA. He holds a Masters of Fine Art in Ceramics from Georgia State University, and a Bachelors of Fine Art in Studio Arts from Valdosta State University.  He is the program supervisor and an instructor at Art Center West where he has worked since 2004.  Argentina lives in Roswell and maintains his home studio where he produces tableware and ceramic sculpture.

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