Brandon Lipe

Resident Artist and  Wheel / Soda Aesthetic Instructor

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“Step out of your comfort level,” is something one often hears when it comes to creating art. In my case, it is not a phrase that fits my lifestyle; most of my days are fairly predictable, with only small changes day to day. This is not to say that I lead an uneventful life by any means. Realizing and embracing a routine is what has driven my body of work. 
Collaborative movement is the idea that through the movement of glaze, form and atmosphere, inherent uncertainties arise. I view these uncertainties as an asset to my work. I apply glazes that react with the atmosphere, creating an asymmetry in color and surface to promote the effects that I seek, while the form and placement in the kiln encourages the flame path to create unrepeatable results. 

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As a maker of objects that are intended for everyday use, I strive for my work to elevate the everyday experience. Through conversation, a simple mundane task such as drinking your morning coffee can become the focal point of your day. The conversation that handmade pottery invites is unlike any other.


~ Brandon Lipe is a ceramic artist born in North Dakota and primarily raised In Southern California. He received his Bachelors of Fine Arts from Cal State Fullerton and went on to get his Masters of Fine Arts in ceramics from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania. He is currently a resident artist and instructor at Art Center West in Roswell, GA where he produces utilitarian objects for everyday use.