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Andrea Stoker
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Andrea has been doing pottery for almost 11 years. She received a pottery class for her 16th birthday and never looked back!  Andrea does mostly functional work but loves the occasional sculpture. 


Andrea works with her mother at their bakery in Roswell - @cakesbydarcy. Pottery parallels cake decorating in that fondant is very similar, yet very different. Andrea finds herself complaining weekly about how she wishes she was working with clay because it behaves so much better! Luckily she gets to be creative and give customers little pieces of her art every day.


For Andrea, ceramics is a calming space and is one of the only things she is truly passionate about (also home diy/crafting and sculpture).

Screenshot 2022-01-19 154844.jpg
Screenshot 2022-01-19 154702.png
Screenshot 2022-01-19 154742.png
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