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Our Wheels are Spinning Again!

What to expect at Art Center West

We are a close community of potters and friends, so ACW knows how important it is that it stays up to date on the best practices and preventative measures to protect those we care about. Below are the lists of things we are doing and a list of what we are asking you to do to keep our wheels spinning and everyone safe!

What participants need to do

  • wear your masks at all times

  • wash your hands with sanitizer as soon as you enter, and then often and thoroughly

  • allow your temperature to be checked upon entry

  • maintain 6 feet social distance as much as possible

  • do not touch your face, nose or mouth

  • adhere to the student limit per classroom

  • stay in your designated area! Each area of the studio (Handbuilding, Youth, Wheel) has its own entrance and students are asked to stay in the designated area during their classes to ensure the health of all our participants.

  • take your personal items home daily (hand tools, towels, water bottles, etc)

  • stagger times at sinks/wedging tables to maintain distancing protocols

  • limit people in the glaze room to two

  • do not bring food in the studios at this time


What our staff is doing

  • sanitizing all bathrooms, door handles, light switches, sinks, work surfaces and removing all trash multiple times a day

  • sanitizing hand tools, buckets, sponges and wheels between each program

  • creating virtual and distance learning for our immune-compromised community and those who wish to distance and work from home

  • making potter wheels, clay and supplies available to those wishing to continue to create at home


Health check procedures for everyone

  • all staff and participants should stay home if they are sick

  • each staff member and participant will receive a contactless temperature check upon entry

  • entrance will be prohibited if participants exhibit a temperature greater than 100.4 Fahrenheit, cough, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, other respiratory symptoms, or at least two of the following symptoms: chills, repeated shaking with chills, muscle pain, headache, sore throat, or new loss of taste or smell.

  • if a participant is exhibiting a fever greater than 100.4 Fahrenheit or other COVID-19 symptoms after check in procedure:

    • staff and/or adult participants exhibiting symptoms will be asked to leave

    • youth participants exhibiting symptoms will be moved to a supervised area away from program activities while parents are called to pick them up.

    • if at any time that any participant, visitor, or staff  is unable, or unwilling to follow safety protocols, staff and/or assistants may ask them to leave campus.

Special Guidance for Youth Classes and Camps

  • check-in begins 10 minutes before program start times at front of building under the portico

  • early drop-off  is not permitted and will not be staffed

  • drop-off is not permitted 15 minutes after start time

  • parents should remain in their cars for drop-off 

  • participants will receive a contactless temperature and health check while parents are present (participant in car if possible/please refer to HEALTH CHECK PROCEDURES above for additional information)

  • healthy participants wash their hands as soon as possible with provided hand sanitizer

  • participants will maintain distancing protocols as much as possible while they have fun and safely make a mess using pottery wheels

  • youth classes will not interact with different programs

  • pick-up is at the front of the building under the portico

    • parents should remain in their cars 

    • after 10 minutes, a charge of $10 will be added for every 15 minutes after scheduled pick-up time

Class Size Limits

  • Youth Camps – 7 participants, 1 instructor, 1 assistant
  • Adult Wheel Programs – 6 participants, 1 instructor

  • Handbuilding Programs – 7 participants, 1 instructor

  • Blacksmithing Programs – 8 participants, 1 instructor, 1 assistant

  • Bladesmithing Programs – 8 participants, 1 instructor, 1 assistant 

  • Welding Programs – 5 participants, 1 instructor, 1 assistant 

  • Building Capacity – Less than 50

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