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Kathy King

Wheel Instructor

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I have always loved people and their different ideas, thoughts and passions. Every time I teach, I try to share my passion for clay and it's possibilities. I want students to experience the fun and excitement of making something out of nothing. It is truly rewarding to share my love of clay with my students and see them grow to love it also.


I’ve made art all my life. My fascination with clay began early in life while digging bits of clay from Arkansas soil. I would hand build a form and let it dry in the sun. I still love to craft a simple, well balanced and elegant form. Even today, some of my forms relate to my past, when hand building meets a wheel thrown pot, providing a view into my recorded memories. 

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I also enjoy the challenge of problem solving with clay and the clarity it provides when a desired form is achieved. The quiet time I spend with clay is good for the soul and has helped me when life takes an unexpected turn.  


I believe style develops through plain and simple hard work. Learning the necessary techniques and processes is the first step. My style has developed over years of practice until it has become comfortable. Even through years of change, my work still shows a love of form and symmetry.


As time goes on, clay becomes more exciting with inspiration from nature and life itself.  Each time I pick up a piece of clay I am overwhelmed with a passion and the possibility to make something beautiful. ACW has provided so many avenues to make work and explore. But most of all, I am amazed and influenced by the talent and creativity of the artists who love clay.

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