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Narrative Clay

Through journaling and visual prompts, all-level handbuilding students will create narrative and illustrative forms utilizing texture, drawings, stamps, slips, underglaze, and oxides.


Pam Baker Arena


Who Is It For?

All-level students. This is the perfect class for the artist looking to create more meaningful work; the artist looking for new ideas and approaches to clay; and/or the artist looking for encouragement and/or affirmation in their ideas and work.


What You Might Make

Functional and sculptural pieces that tell a/your story. Students can choose from low to high fired clay.

What To Expect

Your instructor will guide you in finding the creativity to tell your story. Each class session begins with the instructor presenting ideas and examples to foster group and individual discussion. Students are presented with short term projects/assignments to foster creativity. Although they are not required, it helps with personal growth, sharing ideas and brainstorming skills while in the studio with other students. The instructor’s surfaces, painting and finishing ideas will be demonstrated. In the past, all of the handbuilding classes have bonded and became a close knit community of working artists.


What To Bring

First and foremost, your creative mind. Then, a journal and writing instrument, your favorite clay tools, texture tools, stamps, paint brushes, sponges and an apron.

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