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Soda Aesthetics

Soda Firing is a vapor-firing process where sodium is introduced into the kiln at high temperatures.  The sodium vapors ride on the flames and push through wares while leaving painterly blushes and marks on the work. Students who wish to explore this firing aesthetic will be guided from week to week with both handbuilding and wheel throwing demonstrations and encouraged to experiment with a variety of materials in the soda kiln to enhance their personal vision in clay.


Brandon Lipe

Who is it for?

This firing course is for intermediate to advanced students that wish to explore the potential of soda firing. Both throwers and hand builders are welcome.


What you might make

There are no limits! Mugs, bowls, plates, vases, sculptures, vessels, boxes, figures, animals.


What to expect

Experimentation! Soda firing has many variables and can bring many varied results - some expected, others not. The colors accomplished in a soda kiln can range from oranges with yellow and red tones, to rich browns, golds and tans, and so much more. Be ready for the unexpected.


What to bring

Your sense of adventure! Each firing will have you sitting on the edge of your seat! Of course, your personal tools and a towel are also a must.

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